Tuesday, August 21, 2012

...on Daily Improvement

So, part of surviving distance is to make a plan each day to get OUT of the house!  Seriously though, if I didn't force myself to go somewhere, I sincerely wouldn't.  I didn't have toothpaste for the first 3 days after I got home from PA.  (Don't freak out, I used mouthwash every day.  I scrubbed with a toothbrush, too).  I saw myself living as if I was still in college, simply because I lost the drive to get out and about!  "What's the point of cooking a gourmet meal when my husband isn't here to enjoy it?"  Answer - Because I enjoy it!!

Most days I make a plan with a friend - accountability is KEY to make sure you actually get your butt off the couch.  I've established a workout routine to hopefully reach some goals in the 2 weeks that I have left.  I'm actually significantly improving in the areas that I was hoping for, so I'm really glad!  Also, I have a strong passion for finding a job to have once David leaves again in 6 weeks.  I've been applying for positions and I'm actually highly qualified for these jobs!  I haven't heard anything from them, yet... but I'm keeping my hopes up.  A couple of them are my dream jobs!  Jobs that can turn into a career!  Okay, Bev, time to keep my feet on the ground.

Also part of my daily plans are home-furnishing projects.  I have made several pieces of art which I now have littered around the living room.  My best friend Eden took me to IKEA for the first time and we bought a few pieces of decor for the kitchen; Eden also hand-made an apron for me, which is now hanging in its rightful spot in the kitchen.  All of these little projects have been hours of enjoyment, they've kept my mind off of missing my sweet husband, and they now serve a purpose in the house.  (Kind of.  I guess it depends on your perspective.  My husband's take on wall art - "I just don't understand having things in our house and their only purpose is to collect dust,")  He's going to love the stuff that I made, though.  He's the kind of guy who appreciates the hard work that goes into hand-making things :)

Here are some of the projects that I finished!

Cat grass!  I bought the seed starter kit at Walmart, then transplanted to my own flower pot.
The cats LOVE it.

Found the idea for this wall art on Pinterest.  I used fabric, styrofoam board, and staples.

The wall art from above, shown hanging in my living room.

The canister for the noodles and dispenser for the oil add a nice touch.

Eden's hand-made apron <3

The mirror and pictures from IKEA look so lovely.

This embroidery project is my favorite!  It's a gothic letter "C" and is proudly displayed as you walk in the garage door - husband and I will see it every day!

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