Sunday, November 4, 2012

...on Birthdays

I'm 25??  Quarter of a century? That's so weird.  I feel like I'm still 18 and stupid.  When you say it slowly, it sounds even worse.  TWEEENTY FIIIIIVE

Celebrating was fun!  I have more friends in the Jacksonville area than I remembered.  I feel ashamed at how silly I can be sometimes.  I was thinking "I don't want to ask people to celebrate 'me' on my birthday.  I'll just stay home."  I was getting down in the dumps like a little kid because I felt weird asking people to hang out with me on my birthday??  Luckily, Megan asked where I wanted to go for dinner - I didn't have a choice about whether or not we were going, just WHERE do I want to go?  hahahaha I love her so much.  Once I realized that I was being silly and of course my friends would want to hang out with me, I started inviting people and feeling much better about it.

My husband went out of his way to make this week special for me.  I love him so much.  He sent me flowers on Oct 30 - the anniversary of our first date!  He mailed me a birthday present with a card and a wonderful note.  Having his handwriting to look at was very special.  That's not something I get to see very often!  I got phone calls most days, and one day I got TWO!!  I love being with my husband more than I can put into words, but this was the absolute next best thing since I couldn't physically have him here.  He really did a great job.

I got countless phone calls, emails, gifts, text messages, and the obligatory Facebook message since it just rubs birthdays in your face!!  I still need to call back a few people - SORRY EDEN!!  Hahaha, there is a long car ride today with her name on it.

I spent the day with my family in Raleigh.  It has been fun!  We ate a delicious dinner, I got a few gifts, and just had a good time watching TV and movies with them.  They're pretty great.

PS new Tumblr account for everyday postings... little things that interest me.  Also because I am bored.