Tuesday, July 17, 2012

...on Our Family Vacation!

My in-laws have a timeshare, and apparently they use it quite often to get together with the family.  This summer, the family of my MIL (mother-in-law) all drove up to a ski resort in Massanutten, VA.  Obviously, the snow sports were not in season, but the lodge had literally hundreds of other activities in which we could partake.  Since I had a mandatory meeting at work on Sunday evening, I did not leave for the trip until Monday morning.  The family had been at the resort since Saturday, so I spent two days being jealous and hearing about all of the amazingly fun things that were going on.  I have a problem with acting like a 2-year-old when I'm jealous, and I have apologized profusely to my husband about that... it's going to be a personal project to get over myself and grow up!

When I did arrive on Monday, dinner was being prepared (talk about perfect timing, huh?) and the family was literally buzzing!  I walked into the "main" apartment and was confronted by at least 14 of the 20-something family members who were in attendance.  I met some of my new aunts and uncles for the first time, and grandpa gave me a hug.  I must admit I cried a little.  He doesn't do much of the touchy-feely business, so hugging really isn't his forte... but he hugged me!!  It was heart-warming.

We spent the week doing yoga, swimming, working out, taking walks, watching movies, playing board games, playing card games, cooking, eating, drinking, laughing, etc etc etc!  We took a class on stress management, a class on massage techniques, and even went on a tour of some pretty sweet caverns nearby.  It was truly a TON of fun.  I loved hanging out with David's cousins, who are roughly our same age and equally as nerdy as we are.  The best part was that David had a week to be stress-free!  He rarely gets a break from the stresses of his job (technically he was still doing some work stuff during the trip via his computer!)  Nonetheless, it was great seeing him relax a little bit.

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