Friday, July 6, 2012

...on Easy Date Night Ideas

David and I are a very LAZY married couple, and that is one of the many reasons why we work well together.  We are fine with sitting on the couch, cuddling, watching a tv show or movie, and only getting up to cook a meal!  Don't misunderstand my message here - we spend plenty of time talking with each other, laughing, playing cribbage, and communicating :)  One thing we really don't do is choose date nights outside the confines of our home.  We spend plenty of time out of the house with friends, but rarely just the two of us; I know he and I both get cabin fever every once in a while, so having options on hand for a random date might be a good idea.

Get a large-mouth mason jar and a handful of pop-sickle sticks.  You can color-code the pop-sickle sticks based on how much money is required for the date, so you know what to aim for when you're randomly choosing one out of the jar.  I don't know if I would do the pop-sickle stick thing because I tend to cheat.  If I don't like the date idea that I pulled, I'll pull a new one... haha!  So I think the best idea is for me to have a list of them set aside somewhere for quick reference when we need them.  The ideas on Pinterest were: Dates at home, Cheap dates in town, Expensive dates in town, and Dates that require planning.

Dates at home:
-Rent a movie (his choice/her choice)
-Play a board game
-Picnic in the yard (or living room if weather is bad)
-Candle-lit dinner
-TV Show marathon
-Give each other a massage
-Get a few craft beers and do a tasting
-Wine and Cheese night
-Homemade Fondue
-Bake a dessert together

Cheap dates in town:
-Dinner at an inexpensive restaurant
-Dessert only at a restaurant
-Walk on the beach
-Walk through the park
-Window shop/ Walk around a shopping center
-Visit Airlie Gardens
-Go out for wine and appetizers
-Go to a fitness center for Yoga
-Rent a kayak for an hour
-Movie at a theater (his choice/ her choice)

Expensive dates in town:
-Dinner at The Melting Pot
-Sushi night!  (Sushi is not BOGO in our current town like we're used to having back home)
-Ferry ride and dinner
-Couples massage at a spa

That said, whenever the urge overwhelms us to leave the house, we can use this little trick to quickly choose a nice date.  I read this idea from a blog on Pinterest where the date ideas were separated out by price range and the preemptive planning involved (i.e., Stay at a bed and breakfast), but that really isn't needed for us.

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