Wednesday, May 30, 2012

... on Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes!

I am so very proud of my husband for being promoted today :)  I won't discuss rank, but any wife can say that a lot of hard work and sacrifice goes into being active duty military and a promotion is a big deal!  I was able to go to his ceremony and pin on his new rank, but I know that we all would have loved for his family to be able to make it, too.  A schedule mishap occurred, and we were originally told that the ceremony would be on Tuesday morning... well at the last minute they switched the schedule to Wednesday morning.  Unfortunately for us, his parents had taken off work for Tuesday so that they could come to the ceremony and the schedule mishap meant that they could no longer join us  :(  We enjoyed a lovely breakfast together and we all know that his parents were there in spirit today.

Also... because my husband got promoted and because I started my job this weekend, we are making a nice sum of extra money each month.  We are happy in our simple little lifestyle and enjoy our frugality, but having more money is never a bad thing!  We have lots to save for and I'm excited to learn David's tricks for doing so :)  I found a new blog ( that has lots of money-saving tips, most of which David and I already follow, but there have been cool pieces of advice here and there that I've enjoyed reading about.

My job has been fun and I've met some awesome people.  Most of them are younger than I am, so I feel a lot more leadership responsibilities.  Although the other head guards have been there longer than I have, they still do a lot of delegating instead of leading by example.  I agree that delegation is a wonderful tool for someone who has inherited more responsibilities with a new job title, but I think that leading by example and jumping into the hard labor with your team mates allows you to gain respect.  Plus, taking out an extra bag of trash here and there never hurt anyone.  I have survived the opening weekend and can't wait to see what the summer has in store.

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